Monday, 21 April 2008

Jackman in 'come home' call to ex-pat stars

From: ABC News.

X-Men and Boy from Oz star Hugh Jackman says he will use this weekend's 2020 summit to push for measures to encourage more Australian actors working overseas to come back home for projects.

Jackman and actress Cate Blanchett are in Canberra to take part in the creativity stream of the 2020 summit.

As well as encouraging Australian actors to come home, Jackman says he wants to push for a more creative focus in all aspects of life.

"[We need to address] how we really focus our education system to bring out creativity," he said.

"[By 2020 we should have] a really vibrant artistic community that is leading the world, something that is one of the main focuses of Australians, internationally, that we're really proud of."

Blanchett is chairing the creativity stream and says the event's significance cannot be downplayed.

"It's a beginning, I believe really strongly, of a long and meaningful relationship between artists and the government - not as an adjunct to, but as a fundamental aspect of, society."

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