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Writer gets claws into Wolverine sequel

Written by: David Bentley.

ONLY the other day, X-Men Origins: Wolverine star Hugh Jackman confirmed there would be a sequel and that it would be set in Japan.

The follow-up is obviously being fast-tracked as a writer for the project has now been announced.

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Christopher McQuarrie has signed on to pen the screenplay.

Jackman is also producing along with Lauren Shuler Donner.

The movie's storyline will follow the early 1980s Chris Claremont/Frank Miller miniseries, which sees Wolverine learning the ways of the samurai. He battles a ninja clan called The Hand as he struggles with whether to follow his animal killer instincts or the samurai code of honor and respect.

The story was hinted at in one of the movie's post-credit scenes in which the character is sat in a bar in Japan.

McQuarrie, who won an Oscar for writing The Usual Suspects for Bryan Singer, had worked with Singer on the first X-Men film but asked for his name to be removed from the credits after David Hayter reshaped the script into the version that was used. McQuarrie also wrote the Nazi war thriller Valkyrie, directed by Singer.

The first Wolverine movie was penned by David Benioff (Troy, The Kite Runner) and Skip Woods (Hitman, Swordfish), who are obviously not returning, and directed by Gavin Hood (Tsotsi, Rendition), whose return to the franchise is now also in doubt.

Oddly, there has been no news yet of any movement on other X-Men projects such as X-Men: First Class, X-Men Origins: Magneto or a Deadpool spin-off, all of which seem to be more anticipated by fans than another Wolverine adventure.

Ryan Reynolds, who played Wade Wilson - the mercenary who becomes Deadpool - in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, recently signed to play Green Lantern for Warner Bros but indicated he was still keen to appear in the Deadpool spin-off too. It's unclear whether Reynolds' move to Warner Bros has impacted on Fox's plans for Deadpool.

For fans, the real shame is that the X-Men series seems to unfold in such an ad-hoc fashion, with no overarching strategy in mind.

Could Sabretooth Return for Wolverine 2?

Could Sabretooth Return for Wolverine 2? |
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The ending of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" left the door open for Sabretooth to return in the upcoming sequel, but since the story will take place in Japan, that may complicate a cameo from the character.

MTV News went straight to Liev Schreiber to find out if there is a plan for him to reprise his role. "There's been some smatterings of conversation about it, but nothing concrete yet," he said. "Hugh [Jackman] mentioned that he had some conversations about it, but no one's told me about it yet."

Schreiber added that if Jackman wants him to do the second movie, he will be more than happy to. "I had a ball doing it, so I'd do it again," he said.

One reason why Schreiber wants to continue exploring Sabretooth is because he wants to see how his take on the character eventually becomes the more primitive, animalistic version from the 2000 "X-Men" film, played by Tyler Mane.

"I'd love to find out what happened to Victor," he said. "I'd like to find out how my Victor became Tyler Mane's Victor."

First Look at Ryan Reynolds in Buried-

First Look at Ryan Reynolds in Buried-
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Ryan Reynolds is mixing it up again, fresh off of Wolverine and The Proposal and now working with director Rodrigo Cort├ęs on Buried, now lensing in Barcelona, Spain. Written by Chris Sparling, Reynolds plays Paul, a U.S. contractor working in Iraq. After an attack by a group of Iraqis he wakes to find he buried alive inside a coffin. With only a lighter and a cell phone it's a race against time to escape this claustrophobic death trap.

Aullidos has your first look at Reynolds in the film, click here for another photo.

Logan Vs. Omega Red In 'Wolverine' Sequel? That's The Match-Up Fans Want To See Most!

Written by: Rick Marshall

With all of last week's "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" sequel news, we asked readers who they'd most like to see in the follow-up to this year's solo debut for Hugh Jackman and his Marvel Comics character.

After all the ballots were counted, the top two characters were separated by less than a dozen votes, and both of them seem more than up to the task of taking on Wolverine when he heads to Japan—or anywhere else, for that matter. Here's how the poll broke down, and why the votes went the way they did, according to readers:

Tentacled Russian villain Omega Red won the poll with 33 percent of the total votes, but recurring Wolverine foe Silver Samurai was close behind with 32 percent of the final tally. With Wolverine originally making his debut in a brawl with the Hulk, Marvel's Green Goliath also managed a respectable number of votes, and smashed his way to 18 percent of the total.

Neither Sabretooth, Cyber nor the combined efforts of the deadly ninja cult The Hand managed to generate more than 5 percent of the total votes, and X-Men foe Magneto barely factored into the poll at all. Take that, Master of Magnetism!

This week's responses in the "Other" category also proved fertile ground for some interesting responses, with a few votes for his son in the comics, Daken, as well as X-Men villains Mr. Sinister and Apocalypse.

As always, readers offered a wealth of input about why they voted the way they did. Here are some of the interesting responses I received via the comment section and Twitter:

- Anoobis: Although I like Omega red more then Silver Samurai, I chose Silver Samurai cause Omega Red is russian, it just woulnd't make sense for him to be in Japan without altering his origins completly.

- Toast-Jammer: How about Wendigo? I think the Hand would be decent in the next movie, and I could see an argument being made that Sabertooth should always show up in a Wolverine movie, but I don't know who the big bad should be next time around. Hulk would be fun, but for my money... WEN-DI-GO! .... I doubt that they'll do Omega Red, since they've got Whiplash in the new Iron Man movie. Russian dude with whips? It's been done.

- @chandlerfan: which villain would i like to see in wolverine 2.i would love to see cyber.they have an interesting history

- john@themovies: I voted for Omega Red, who's a true patriot. With his adamanium tentacles up against Wolverine. WAUW! But I also find that the Silver Samurai would play a big role in the movie. Because Wolverine learns the meaning of honor in Japan. It's a whole different world for him. In that world, the Silver Samurai thinks he's a man of honor. In the wrongs he does, he thinks the honor justifice the goals, or something like that. And last but not least, I would like to see Sun Fire, the Japanese hero. I heard that Jackie Chan would like to get a role in a Marvel movie, LOL Sun Fire would do great. Think about it. When Wolverine 2 comes out, Captain America will already been on the screen. Sun Fire is like the national Japanees hero, sort of. Lady Deathstryke? Didn't she died in X-2? They would have to resurrect her in a believable way... Me, I'm for Omega Red, Silver Samurai and Sun Fire. Well, we'll see...

So, there you have it! Keep it locked to Splash Page tomorrow for the next weekly poll!

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