Friday, 2 October 2009

The Weekly Watcher: September 25, 2009

Alexa Mendez wraps up this week with all new info on where to check out the Marvel Super Hero Squad Show for free, some awesome collections coming out this December, as well as previews for the SPIDER-WOMAN motion comic and more!

Marvel Hotline: Chris Yost

The writer of DARK X-MEN: THE CONFESSION speaks about Emma Frost's secret association with the Cabal!

Marvel/DC: Disney Buys Marvel (Parody)

Now that Disney has bought Marvel Entertainment, possible futures (based on the reactions of some fans as well as the companies, themselves) are examined. (Marvel/DC/Disney Franchise Review/Parody)

Inglourious Marvel/DC Parody

In the midst of a world war, a group of ruthless outsiders are sent on a mission to eliminate the other side. (Marvel/DC/Inglourious Basterds/District 9 Review/Parody)
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Note: This Is A Fair Use Movie/Franchise Review and Parody. ItsJustSomeRandomGuy is the Writer, Performer and Copyright Holder.

Marvel One on One: Fred Van Lente

Writer Fred Van Lente goes One on One with to talk about ASSAULT ON NEW OLYMPUS and more!

Hugh Jackman considering Real Steel

Hugh Jackman considering Real Steel
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Written by James White

He's negotiating the lead in the robo-boxing drama.

Hugh Jackman might be be busy on Broadway right now, but he's still considering film roles - and he's looking to star in DreamWorks Real Steel.

The drama, which just nabbed Shawn Levy as a director after Peter Berg moved on, focuses on a former fighter living in a world where boxing has been outlawed as too violent, except for gladiatorial robots.

Jackman's former fist-slinger becomes a down-on-his-luck promoter whose droids tend to lose because they have sub-standard parts. But then he discovers a machine that never loses, and, as he follows its progress, he also gets a chance to bond with the son he just discovered.

It's based on a Richard Matheson short story, and has cropped up in the past as a Twilight Zone story, though we figure with DreamWorks' resources behind him, Levy's effort will be a little more effects heavy.

The studio wants the film shooting before next summer...