Friday, 4 April 2008

Wolverine and Kitty Pryde Launch New "First Class" Series

From: comicbookbin

The next generation of X-Men have arrived at Xavier's school, but will new student Kitty Pryde survive the tutelage of the mysterious Wolverine? Exploring the early days of the X-Men with the solo adventures of Wolverine & Kitty Pryde, Wolverine: First Class #1 kicks off a new ongoing series revealing secrets from the X-Men's past! From rising star writer Fred Van Lente (Incredible Hercules) and fan-favorite artist Andrea Di Vito (Marvel Comics Presents), learn about Kitty Pryde's first mission with Wolverine as the two enter a situation too deadly for any one mutant to handle! But can these two find a way to work together?

"The Wolverine and Kitty team up is one of the all-time great sidekick dynamics in recent comics history," says editor Mark Paniccia. "WOLVERINE: FIRST CLASS introduces that magic to a new generation of readers. Long-time fans will get sensational untold stories set in the one of the greatest eras of the X-Men."

Exploring in-continuity tales from the X-Men's past, Wolverine: First Class is a must read for all X-Men fans!

Read a review of issue #1 here.

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