Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Kiwi stunner Kate's got the X-Men factor

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Kiwi beauty Kate Newman has been heating up the big screen with Aussie hunk Hugh Jackman.
And the stunning model made the X-Men film star sweat off the movie set at Queenstown Gym, where she is a part-time receptionist.
"When he trains at the gym, he pretends to train in character so he was going hard-out and there were a lot of noises like Wolverine while he was working out," Kate told Sunday News.
"Everybody seemed to really enjoy him working out in the gym. He used to come in at 6am every morning and as soon as word got around he was working out here, the gym became a lot fuller than usual at 6am."
Kate has been working as a body double for American actress Lynn Collins, who plays Jackman's love interest Silver Fox in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, filmed on location at Queenstown.
Jackman's lead character in the blockbuster is a half-wolf mutant with razor-like claws.
Silver Fox has superhuman healing powers.
Kate said she struck a close bond with Jackman a regular on People Magazine's sexiest men alive lists.
"He was definitely my favourite of all the celebrities I got to meet," Kate said.
"He's a real Aussie bloke. That's the best way to describe him. He's really funny. He's a crack-up, really hilarious.
"I guess a lot of people expect him to be really arrogant and unapproachable but that couldn't be further from the truth. He's actually quite a shy guy."
Kate, 21, was chosen from hundreds of hopefuls for the X-Men role after movie executives thought they were seeing double when she walked into a casting call.
"I went along to the audition and basically on the spot they said, `Yes you'll be here tomorrow, you'll be on the set and having your hair cut and dyed to match the actress'," Kate a model with Ican Model and Talent Agency told Sunday News.
"In a lot of the pictures that I've seen of (Collins) on the internet she looks really different to me but in person, when we stand side-by-side, we're very similar."
In fact, Kate looked so similar to Collins cast and crew often had a hard time distinguishing between them.
"A few times I had people come up to me thinking they were talking to her instead of me. It was quite funny, really."
She said the X-Men stars including Hollywood A-listers Jackman, Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) and Dominic Monaghan (Beak) were fantastic to work with.
"It was cool to be around all of these famous people," Kate said.
"Everyone involved was really nice. There was no high-maintenance diva-type stuff. Everybody was pretty casual and they were there to work, 100 per cent focused on doing their job."
Kate said her role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine the fourth in a series based on the cult Marvel Comics series was the first time she'd worked as a body double.
"I never thought anything like this would happen to me. I mean, to be on the set of a major film surrounded by major stars. It was surreal. But it wasn't as glamorous and Hollywood as you would think. Everybody is in a rush."
Kate also tried her hand at stunt work.
"I actually did a bit of stunt driving in the film," she said.
"It was great. I just got called up by the crew one evening and asked if I had a driver's licence because I'd be doing the driving in some scenes.
"I'm really keen on doing the physical side of things like the stunt double work and stuff like that."

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