Thursday, 13 March 2008

Perving on Hugh saves lives

Thanks to TygerX for the tip!

WITH his rippling biceps, hirsute facial features and that leading man swagger, there's a lot to like about Hugh Jackman these days.

But perving on the box office star allegedly saved the lives of three star-struck women yesterday, who escaped injury in a near-miss car accident.

All by a Wolverine whisker.

Self-confessed "lover of Sydney Confidential" Virginia Kim survived to tell her harrowing celebrity tale, when the car she was travelling to work in slowed to check out the Aussie actor having breakfast at Bills restaurant, Darlinghurst.

"He was kind enough to perch himself at the window table, looking very early morning scruffy but still very lush," Kim said in an emotional email.

"As we drove past the window (for the third consecutive time), we slowed the car to an absolute crawl and came to a very early stop at the traffic light," Kim wrote in the email.

"Two seconds later, a crazy out-of-control car came out of nowhere and crossed on to the wrong side of the road. Had we stopped where we were supposed to, it would have been a head-on collision."

The Sydney publicist and her two colleagues were shaken by the incident, but the drama merely confirmed their interest in the star.

"Hugh Jackman's good looks and our incapacity to take our eyes away literally saved our lives," she gushed. "He's the office hero."

Confidential attempted to speak to the Man Of The Moment, but a spokeswoman for Jackman said the star was unavailable for comment.

Probably busy delivering puppies or helping little old ladies across the street, we would guess.

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