Monday, 27 March 2017

Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld Explains Why Zazie Beetz Is The Perfect Pick For Domino

Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld Explains Why Zazie Beetz Is The Perfect Pick For Domino: Deadpool and Domino creator Rob Liefeld talks in-depth about what makes Atlanta star Zazie Beetz the perfect choice to take on the role of the latter.

Domino is all about… as an actress and as the character that is going to be on the screen you already allude to it, it’s all about the sass. You gotta understand: you’re gonna go up against Wade Wilson, who in this movie is Ryan Reynolds. I’m telling you, having been around Ryan multiple times that mouth cannot be stopped,” he added. “I don’t think he can say the jokes as fast as they are backed up in his head.”
Some of these people be like, ‘Oh hey, this girl should have been Domino, and pick out actress A through Z,’ and I’d be like, ‘I’m not sure that they can keep up with him.’ And oh my gosh, I’m not sure that Ryan’s gonna keep up with her. I think Ryan Reynolds is gonna have to work hard to keep up with Zazie. I mean, wow. You just go, ‘That chemistry is going to be spectacular.’ And that’s what it comes down to is the chemistry with these characters.”
“She, you know, in the read and in the test she went toe-to-toe with Ryan and that’s not an easy task, he’s such a brilliant actor,” said Wernick. “She kept pace with him and that’s reason enough to see how that plays out over the course of the next movie and franchise.”
“There’s this very wonderful alchemy that happens when an actor starts to read the lines that we came up with,” added Reese. “She just really sparked, and it really just flew off the screen. I think that we now will be able to write with her voice in mind more, which always helps too.

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