Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Jackman Back in the Sadle


RIDING high at Fox Studios, Hugh Jackman was back in the saddle yesterday - trimmed of his Wolverine beard and swapping hats to play his part in the upcoming Australia blockbuster.

With co-star Nicole Kidman making a low-key return to the set as a working mum for the first time, with baby Sunday Rose and a nanny in tow, Jackman took centre stage filming "pick-up" clips for the movie's final edit.

Having just holidayed on the Italian Riviera, not to mention getting his X-Men flick in the can, Jackman has been a busy leading man since he last donned the Akubra.

But grabbing the reins again, with the help of a few pointers from the film's handlers, Jackman impressed onlookers with his easy-riding style.

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