Sunday, 27 July 2008

SDCC 2008: 'Wolverine vs The Hulk'

by Elisabeth Rappe

I meant to write this up last night, but you don't know how dead tired I was. I'm running on about one meal a day, which isn't hugely unusual for me, but when you're covering roughly 9 miles a day (that's the estimated distance of a few circles round the old convention center) and sprinted to a press roundtable, you need carbs. And I'm living on Starbucks.

Anyway, after the accidental sit-in of Race to Witch Mountain, I kicked back for Wolverine Vs. Hulk. It turned into one of the con moments you just kind of cherish -- and one I wish I could have shared last night, when it was fresher in my mind. I was sitting next to a really cool guy, who finally asked me "So, you're really just here to watch this because you want to?" I guess chicks are a rarity at this kind of screening. "Oh yes, I'm one of those people who buy all Wolverine's solo series!" "Well, cool!" (By the way, if you're reading this Hall H friend, hi!) I love when I get to share panels with cool people, when you can talk back and forth, laugh hysterically and groan aloud at the face pounding. It's what can make or break ComicCon for me.

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