Saturday, 31 May 2008

Hugh up for auction

By Blythe Seinor

Fancy lunch with Hugh Jackman? Dream on, right?

Wrong. The star of Wolverine has offered a day of his time as an auction prize in a Noosa Anglican Church fundraiser, which will raise money towards building an orphanage in Nepal.

The winning bidder will be flown to Sydney where they will visit the set of Hugh’s new movie. They will receive a framed and signed photograph of Hugh, have their picture taken with him, and will also get to have lunch at Fox Studios with the Boy From Oz himself.

Parishioner Graeme Marlow was able to sign the star up for the event, since they have been mates since primary school.

“We’re best mates, yeah,” Graeme said.

“Jacko’s always very obliging in supporting us with any of the charity work that we do.”

Graeme said his old Knox Grammar School buddy, who he catches up with about once or twice a year, was a truly genuine person.

“He’s exactly as he comes across, he’s a champion bloke.

“He’s very humble and I don’t think I’ve heard a bad word about him.”

Graeme said the cause of the fundraiser was close to Hugh’s heart, since he and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness had adopted two children of their own.

Hugh will be unable to attend the fundraiser at Ricky’s in Noosa this Wednesday because of filming commitments, but he has pre-recorded a video message for the evening.

“We so wished to be there to help raise much-needed funding. However, I’m filming and I’ve gotta save the world from bad guys with my claws,” Hugh joked.

Five Noosa teenagers will travel to Nepal at their own expense to work with orphans in their school holidays, and Hugh had a piece of advice for them in his video message.

“Make sure whatever you learn you come back and teach all of us,” Hugh said.

Auctioneer David Garwood from Remax Noosa said he expected a lot of enthusiastic bidding for Hugh Jackman.

“This is something really special, you can’t just go and buy a day with Hugh,” he said.

The project to build an orphanage is sponsored by the Noosa Anglican Church, which has already raised $40,000 to purchase land. The fundraising night is already sold out.

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