Saturday, 24 May 2008

Hugh Jackman's Wolverine wrap


APPROPRIATELY for a Wolverine wrap party, there was plenty of hair on display.

Hugh Jackman, clad in neck to toe in a pimp's fur coat, set the scene for the over-the-top '70s inspired party for his big flick last night.

His wife Deborra-Lee Furness was dressed like one of his working girls.

Packing out the Piano Room and taking over half of Trademark, the 600 guests including actors.

Liev Schreiber and Hugh's wife Deborra-Lee Furness were wigged out in '70s afros and Olivia Newton-John glitter bands for the night.

Downing Wolverine cocktails and fish and chips, the party raged well into the morning. Orchestrated by Sydney's newest party guru Amanda Archer the budget for the night was rumoured to be around $50,000.

Entertainment included drag star Courtney Act who performed a version of Xanadu. Jackman in a short speech thanked the cast and crew, saying they were the "best ever''.

He made special mention of acclaimed cinematographer Don McAlpine, who was celebrating his wedding anniversary.

Production on Wolverine will continue until the end of June. All outdoor filming has completed, with only in-studio shots to go.

More than 600 cast and crew partied, including key cast Will.I.Am, Danny Houston, and Taylor Kitsch.

Local actors at the party included Aaron Jeffreys, Peta Wilson and Asher Keddie.

"This is a party to celebrate months of hard work. Hugh and I are incredibly grateful to the cast and crew,'' said executive producer John Palermo, decked out in bell bottoms, paying homage to the late choreographer Bob Fosse.

"We have fortunately been able to provide jobs for 450 crew members, 50 Australian actors and 1500 extras.''

The party included performances from no less than five young local artists, including Kyla Sexton, Anthea White and female impersonator Courtney Act, singing classic '70s numbers.

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